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FontLab SigMaker is a font utility that turns images into fonts
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SigMaker font utility will enable you to turn your own digital images, graphics and scanned signatures into a font that you can use in your documents, art projects or in your presentations. All fonts consist of graphical characters called 'glyphs', and most computers have them installed as fonts that are called OpenType or TrueType fonts, which means this program is suitable for both the Mac and Windows operating systems. In addition to those font types, Adobe has developed glyphs or font characters called SING glyphs that can be used for the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages, and SigMaker has the ability to create SING glyphs from your images too.

The program has a user-friendly Windows-style interface. All you need to do to create your own unique glyphs is select the font that you want your glyph to be added to, then open your image file and adjust it to the look you want. Next, choose a keystroke or character combination position for your new glyph and adjust its dimension. Provide a name for your glyph, save it, and you're done. Your new glyph or font will now appear every time the keystroke allocated is pressed. The uses of your glyphs are endless. You can use them to replace words and represent them with your images instead, or have your glyph displayed every time your or your company's name is typed in, for example.

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  • Suitable for Windows and Mac
  • Easy to use


  • Demo adds the FontLab logo to some characters upon export
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